Considering the HTC EVO

I am on a Sprint plan with my immediate family and we are finally going over to “Simply Everything Plan” enabling us to use Internet/Data.  It’s about freaking time.  I have been tired of dealing with crap messaging phones when for a measly $10-15 dollars more a month I could have a phone with little limitation. So the question is, which smart phone do I get? I have heard a lot of good things about the HTC EVO and it looks awesome so I think I may do that.  I was also looking at the Samsung Intercept because I like having a physical qwerty keyboard but im sure the EVO is the better buy. Suggestions?



About joshdavis33

Josh Davis is a graphic designer at a small consulting firm in Omaha, NE. Some of his interests besides graphic design are gaming, music, bike-riding, baseball, and camping.
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